We know that it can be super frustrating when you experience login problems. We always prioritise these issues as a matter of urgency. Below are some of the things you can do.


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Emails from this page will be highly prioritised. If you have content you urgently need to update on your pages you can include this in the email and we will upload it to your page ASAP.




  1. Make sure you don't have Caps Lock on

  2. Go to this website right now and ensure that you are, in fact, connected to the internet:  mybroadband.co.za

    Just because you can still do work on other sites does not guarantee that you are still connected to the internet as some sites can still operate in browser memory.
  3. Make 100% sure you do not have any leading or trailing spaces before or after your username or password (sometimes copying and pasting can do this without it being apparent)
  4. Make 100% sure the password and username are 100% correct

    This goes without saying but our re-generated passwords (the ones you get after submitting "lost password") are particularly prone to being incorrectly entered, or missing a leading or ending character, as they contain many special characters like commas etc. We have done this specifically for security reasons (which is one reason we have never had a hack or data leak for over fourteen years) Once you successfully log back in you can change your password to something easier by going to the top tab "Personal Profile" -> Personal Details 
  5. Refresh the FiindanAccountant / FindanAttorney / FindanAdvisor login page in your browser before trying to log in again. CTRL + F5  is the best way to refresh.


On the Login Page - directly below the password field you will see "Lost Password".

Clicking this will take you to a page where you can enter your private username or alternatively the email account associated with this account. If you elected to display your email address on your profile page, the email address displayed will be the correct one.

Please note that the system cannot send your new password if there is more than one email address associated with your account (this can happen for various reasons for example if you had a previous account that is now closed).

After submitting you should receive the new password email from us within a minute or two.

If not please allow a few more minutes and then check your Spam Folder in your email program.

In some instances our "new password" email may not reach you because of a spam filter setting somewhere else in the pipeline between us and you. We will usually get notified if you email does not get through and try to contact you via other channels. If you have not yet added a second email address (it needs to be from a totally different @domain) do so as soon as you are logged back in! In the interim adding office@findaprofessional to your email contacts will help.

Please note that every time a new password request is submitted, a completely new password will be issued, so always ensure you are attempting to login with the latest one. 


Visit this site and enter our website name (with .co.za on the end):

In very rare cases our website could be down but that is highly unlikely as our up-time stats after more than 14 years of independent monitoring is 99,8 %  (see here


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If none of the above works please email us as much detail as you can so that our developers can quickly locate the problem. Details they need: 

  • Device you are using (ideally with make and model)
  • Browser you are using (ideally with version number)
  • Operating System you are using (ideally with version number)


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Thank you for your patience