• Reach an astute clientel, attracting serious clients that know what they want.


  • Find comprehensive and up-to-date info on the people that are going to provide you with professional services, in your own time and at your own place.


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We are highly focused in our 3 niches, offering specialised and meaningful information on every of our listed members. Unlike many other directories:

  • Our listings are human edited - ensuring accuracy and up-to-date info.
  • We do not offer free listings. Spend time on a direcory with free listings and you will soon find out how much junk there is.
  • We do not operate our own Accounting Firm, Financial Advisor Firm or Legal Firm and therefore there is no conflict of interest.
  • Our listings are of people not corporations. You know exactly who you're dealing with. 
  • We are fully independent are not affiliated with any institution or Industry body. This ensures the most inclusive choice of professionals available.
  • We were built as an online directory from the "ground up". We are not a legacy Paper-based directory scrambling to convert to the digital world.

The days of looking up a professional in a traditional name-and-number directory are completely outdated and inadequate for today's informed and proactive consumer. People need information, a background of who they're dealing with, and what they really specialise in. Simply choosing the professional that just happens to be your cousin's husband's best friend from university is no longer necessarily the best way to go.

The Finda suite of websites fills this gap and has firmly established itself as the number one point-of-entry for astute members of the South African public needing professional services.

"Traditional Yellow Pages suffer the two great drawbacks of paper: They can provide only one way of organizing information, and they have so little room. When all you have to go on is a company's name - or maybe the promotional information in a display ad - you might as well just pick the first one listed. For businesses that have worked hard to provide genuine competitive advantages - faster service, better-trained employees, maybe generations of building a good reputation - getting trumped by the guy's who put five A's in their name is a cruel practical joke enabled by the limitations of paper."

~ David Weinberger World renowned Marketing Consultant to Fortune 500 Companies & contributor to the Harvard Business Review

"The best executive is the one who has the sense to pick good people to do what he wants done"
- Theodore Roosevelt

Latest Developments

All of our directories now include detailed google maps on each professional's individual profile page. Locating your prospective professional has never been easier.

We will soon be rolling out a blog on this website together with various news feeds and other resources.

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